This Week's Prayer

Majesty of Earth, glory of life, and wonder of the cosmos:

Beauty and truth abound.

Each of us is as a hurricane – swirling winds of beliefs, desires, and intentions – without a distinct border, without a clear line separating self from other, just barely coherent enough to be given a name – a product of nature, blowing about over a broad swath – in the center, calm.

Beauty and truth abound, and we are their products and producers. Let us notice.

Let our hearts and our eyes open.

Thank you for this Northern Hemisphere October, serene, crisp, and beautiful in the year’s decline.

Thank you for the ways we know that we are loved, for through them we realize the greater gift: our capacity to love.

Let us connect in lovingkindness with all the world, its joy and its suffering.

We hold in our hearts the joy of love and commitment publicly honored and socially and legally recognized, which, on Friday, extended to same-sex couples in Alaska and Arizona, the 30th and 31st states to do so.

We hold in our hearts also this world’s pain and struggle:
- all who have been affected by the Ebola virus: the children who are now orphans, the parents who have lost their children, the medical professionals who care for the sick and those who are working on a vaccine.
- those who died in the avalanches in the Himalayas of central Nepal.
- the people in the town of Kobane in Syria as the airstrikes intensify.

We hold in our hearts the living hope
- that peace prevail;
- that talks between the student protesters and the Hong Kong government will bring forth a fair and just outcome;
- that we learn to walk gently, bringing healing and new life to the places where we have brought harm.

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