This Week's Prayer

From: Perry Montrose

In the sacred connection of this community we hold the difficulties and the hope in the world around us.

We hold care in our hearts for all the children across our country suffering from the recent outbreak of Enterovirus and people young and old in Africa who cope with the devastation of the Ebola virus. We wish for their healing and these illnesses to dissipate with aid the restores well-

We think of those affected by fire in California and send thoughts that long to cool the rage of the blazes caused by human carelessness.

We are pained when domestic violence rears its ugliness and the innocent are not protected.

Yet, we remain hopeful that the veil that has been pulled away will shine a new light of understanding that will bring support for those in danger and peace in homes.

We recognize the fear and suffering across the Middle East, while we celebrate the relief felt from hostages freed, knowing that others live in captivity and torturous conditions, whether physical or mental. We pray for freedom from fear and violence. We send the plea for lasting peace.

We honor our fellow Unitarian Universalists and others who march today to hold up the effects of climate change and prod us all to address this vital issue. They walk with our support and hope for a better environment for future generations.

We also praise the Social Good Summit at the UN meetings as caring people work to make the world a better place for all its inhabitants. We hold in our hearts a knowing that intentions such as these make a difference in themselves and contain the seeds for transformation. May those seeds blossom into reality and may a balm of understanding, care, and aid cover the suffering in the world as we send our love to those in need.

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