This Week's Prayer

Dear Power of Love,

Be with us that we may be creators of a new world. Let there be love, and let it shine from our hearts, from the words of our mouths, and from the work of our hands.

We rejoice in the shining light of renewed hope for more peaceful relations with Iran.

We see a new light in US-Cuba relations.

The human quest for knowledge is unstoppable, and it bears continual new fruit. For example, this week the large hadron collider in Europe came back online after being shutdown for upgrades for over two years. Research to unlock the elemental mysteries of the universe resumes.

We see light from our President’s administration announcing its support for a ban on conversion therapy for “correcting” sexual orientation.

The spread of light is slow, yet we do see its signs in many places. There remain so many dark corners where the light of love and understanding is so terribly needed.

We were stunned yet again this week by a white police officer’s murderous callousness. Officer Slager shot 50-year-old Walter Scott eight times in the back. Let there be light to let us all see there is systemic racial bigotry. Let us all understand, whether or not we built it, we live in it – and it is the moral obligation of those most empowered, those most benefited, to be most active in stopping it.

We grieve the violence in ISIS areas, in Yemen, in Kenya, in Pakistan.

We grieve the loss of four neighbors -- found dead from carbon monoxide in a home in Queens.

And we remember, with both gratitude and sadness, the haunting voice of Billie Holiday. The inspirational, and troubled jazz singer who died at 44 would have turned 100 this week.

Dear power of love, be with us, that we may sing a truer song and be creators of a brighter, kinder world.

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