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2023 Feb 5 -- World Interfaith Harmony Week Service


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  1. Message: Blessings and Peace!

    I’ll keep this short, because I imagine that you are pretty busy. I am writing to see if you might be interested in reviewing my new book, The Mystic’s Way for Regular People, recently published by Wipf and Stock. I am seeking some moderate to progressive religious venues to post some reviews. A short description follows here: The Mystic's Way for Regular People is a book unlike others. It is built on the notion that many folks are seeking a connection to the Divine Lover. Regular folks. Folks like us. But how to we find our intimacy with God? We are busy. We have families. We have jobs. We have mortgages. We have many responsibilities. Where to begin? The Mystic's Way was created for everyday life. It tells how to develop the character of a mystic. Even more so, it offers practices to draw each of us into the presence of Our Best Friend.
    What others are saying:
    "You're climbing up a cloud-shrouded mountain seeking the spiritual master at the top who will teach you how to be a mystic. When you arrive, the wise master you encounter is a folksy character who imparts wisdom without abstract academic language. That wise master is the author of this book, James Alexander."
    —R. John Brockmann, Rector, Grace Episcopal Church, Norwood, Massachusetts, and coeditor, Franciscan Times
    "This book will rekindle your spiritual imagination. Alexander's inspired personal style brings together the bright lamps of Christian mystics through the ages in a way that is accessible and easy to read… A most welcome and welcoming invitation into the too-easily forgotten depth of our faith.
    —Jeff Golliher, Assisting Minister Provincial, Sacred Ecology, Society of Saint Francis, Third Order, Province of the Americas
    "John of the Cross said he wrote his works 'for beginners' who feel drawn to a deeper spiritual path. James Alexander has accomplished the same thing in this eminently accessible little book. Painting the broad themes of our Christian mystical lineage in clear strokes…For those of us who may have been traveling on the mystic's way for some time, Alexander provides valuable reminders as we struggle to maintain our 'beginner's mind.'"
    —Charles McCarron, Assistant Minister Provincial, Society of St. Francis, Third Order, Province of the Americas
    About The Author:
    James Alexander is an Episcopal Third Order Franciscan. He holds a MATheol in Historical Theology from St Thomas Theological Seminary, a PhD from the University of Arkansas in Education and Psychology, and a Certificate in Franciscan Studies from the University of St. Francis.
    At the link below, you can view the cover and read some pages from the book. If you think you might be interested in reviewing it, just let me know and I will gladly send a copy.
    Peace and All Good!
    James, TSSF