Links to sermons, reflections, and essays on this blog about social issues, by topic

Racial Justice

   Part 1: UUs and BlackLivesMatter
   Part 2: White Supremacy is a Spiritual Wound
   Part 3: Afflicted or Comfortable? Yes.

It Must Be Said (Black Lives Matter II)

Black Lives Matter I

Just Mercy
   Part 1: 'Just Mercy' Reading
   Part 2: Death Penalty and Race
   Part 3: Progress. So Slow.
   Part 4: In the Light of the True Narrative

The Arc of the Moral Universe
   Part 1: Bending Toward Justice?
   Part 2: A Powerful Perception
   Part 3: Unconscious Bias and Moral Imagination

'Transracial' Is Not a Thing (reflection on the meaning of Rachel Dolezal's racial identification)

The Spirit of Truth
   Part 1: The First Balm
   Part 2: Divide and Keep Conquered
   Part 3: Explaining Some Mysteries
   Part 4: Journey Toward Wholeness

Ferguson (reflection on the Grand Jury's non-indictment in the slaying of Michael Brown)

Intercultural Sensitivity is Hard!
   Part 1: Juneteenth
   Part 2: Unknown Freedom
   Part 3: A New Approach
   Part 4: Denial, Polarization, Minimization
   Part 5: Go 90

Nonviolent Social Change
   Part 1: To Hear Each Other With Compassion
   Part 2: The Essence of Violence Is in the Heart
   Part 3: Social Change Through NVC


Queer Theory
   Part 1: All You Need Is Love?
   Part 2: Sexuality Is Not Natural
   Part 3: Bearing the Unbearable Ambiguity of Sexuality

Free Religion and Free Speech

Economic Injustice

Income Inequality
   Part 1: Deconstruction the Mango Pop
   Part 2: It's Getting Worse
   Part 3: Inequality Harms Social Health
   Part 4: Equality Is Good for Us


The Ecospiritual Imperative
   Part 1: Soteriology and Ecology
   Part 2: Sustainability: A Spiritual Problem
   Part 3: Green Religion and Dark Green Religion
   Part 4: Dark Green Religion: Everywhere and Nowhere
   Part 5: The Institution of Dark Green

The Ecospiritual Challenge
   Part 1: Fermi and the Nature of Intelligent Life
   Part 2: The Climates They Have A-Changed
   Part 3: Reality Is Never Depressing
   Part 4: The New Earth

General Social Action

Service to Transform
   Service to Transform 1
   Service to Transform 2
   Service to Transform 3
   Service to Transform 4

Reclaiming Prophetic Witness
   Part 1: Living Our Faith
   Part 2: Principles and Religious Principles
   Part 3: Connect Your Politics To Your Faith
   Part 4: Our Distinctive Voice

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